Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Member of Alumia Institute?

Becoming a Member of Alumia Institute is a simple process. We will move at the pace of the individual, so the enrollment process can vary from just a few days to a few weeks. The first step to becoming a member is to schedule a visit to see our campus and meet with our team.

What are options for paying for services at Alumia Institute?

Members may pay for services at Alumia Institute either with private pay funds, Medicaid voucher with approval of your case manager, or with Long-Term Care Insurance. If you are concerned or have questions about how to pay for Alumia services, please speak with us and we can talk to you about these options in more detail.

How do I determine if my Long-Term Care Insurance will pay for services at Alumia?

Some of our Members have found that their Long-Term Care Insurance policies will pay for Alumia services. Each policy is written differently for each individual and it is important that you understand exactly what your policy covers.

If you have a copy of your policy, you should be able to look at your policy declarations page and see if it covers “Adult Day Services”. If you are unsure, you may also call your policy provider and inquire as to coverage. We also have seen many policies and are also happy to look at our policy with you and let you know if we think it would cover our services.

Most policies, if they do cover “Adult Day Services” will require that the person receiving the care fall into two categories: either the person needs assistance with two or more activities of daily living (ADL’s) such as bathing, dressing, grooming, feeding assistance; or the person requires “protective oversight” for their safety, for example someone with a dementia diagnosis who cannot be left alone.

Ultimately, it will be up to your policy provider to determine service coverages. We will work with you and the provider as much as possible to ensure you maximize your benefits with Alumia.

Does Alumia provide transportation for its Members?

Currently, Alumia does not provide direct transportation for our Members. We hope to do so in the future. Currently Members arrive and depart from Alumia by either driving themselves (if appropriate and safe), via a family member or caregiver, or utilizing a rideshare service.

If a Member does utilize a rideshare service, we will assist them in arranging for a ride home in the afternoon to ensure they are able to get home safely. Many family members set these services up and send the Member with a cell phone, or we can also provide these services with a direct pass through of the cost to the Member’s bill.

If you have questions about transportation and available services, please let us know and we are happy to speak with you about those options.
Alumia does offer day trips and field trips for our current Members. During these times, we do provide transportation via a contracted bus or van service.

Is Alumia Institute a medical facility or do you provide medical services?

Alumia Institute is not a medical facility. We provide day services for people with cognitive decline, but those services are not considered medical in nature. We do have a Medical Director available to staff if we need to consult with a medical professional on the best way to help a member be successful.

Although we are not a medical facility, we do provide limited medical services. As a certified specialty adult day service with the State of Colorado, we are required to have a nurse on staff and medical assistance available during all operating hours. Our LPN is on site part-time and we always have a CNA on shift to assist with limited needs. We can also assist Members with any needed medications as well, within our scope (certain medications may be excluded).

Most medical concerns should be addressed with your personal physician and we are happy to coordinate any care needed with them upon written orders from that professional.

What are the hours of operations for Alumia?

Alumia Institute is open Monday to Friday from 8am – 5pm for our Members. Our formal classes run from 9am – 3pm. Members can attend for the whole day or just during the portion of the day for our classes. Members are always in charge of their schedule and determine with our staff in advance what days they will attend and what hours they will be here.

Do you provide meals and snacks for the Members?

Alumia serves the MIND Diet which is a combination of the Mediterranean Diet and the DASH Diet. Since Members spend the day with us, we do provide morning and afternoon snacks and a hot plated lunch every day. For Members with specific nutrition needs, likes or dislikes, or meal preferences, please discuss those with us and we are happy to accommodate those needs within our abilities.

Does Alumia have a dress code for its Members?

Alumia does not have a specific dress code for our Members. Alumia was designed to be a safe comfortable place for members to be themselves. We do ask that Members wear appropriate clothing for public places, otherwise you are welcome to come however you are most comfortable.