Alumia Institute’s campus provides daily classes, socialization, and nutrition for people with cognitive decline.

Each day our Members participate in a personalized mix of art, music, exercise, and brain training activities.
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A healthy brain and body are key to healthy aging. Our book, Insights on Healthy Aging, makes it easy to understand the latest research and best practices that we use at Alumia every day.

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Come to Alumia Institute to participate in customized classes and activities that stimulate your brain and nourish your body.

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We just love the program. Bob is stimulated and happy there, therefore I am happy. Thank you so much.

Spouse of Alumia Member (name changed for privacy)

I just love it here and want to keep coming more and more.

Current Member

Mom is a different person since coming to Alumia. I have seen such positive changes in her.

Daughter of Alumia Member

I don’t know what took us so long to decide to come to Alumia. He looks forward to coming every week and it’s the best thing ever.

Spouse of Alumia Member